About Us

We are a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) called Shree Surya Narayanan Ashramam. We belongs to the nath tradition who propagate Srividya Doctrine to the world. Nath tradition means a tradition which uses sound more precisely waveforms to interact with universe.

Every creation in earth carry a certain set of energy which creates waveforms, same goes to the universe and the solar system. We live in this world earth with the support of The Sun and The Moon. without these 2 main objects the gravity, the light and the energies that earth absorbs to grow and prosper won't be present or even created. The palnt kingdom which has been the longest and the first existed kingdom entirely depends on it. The need of light is provided by The Sun and The Moon supports by using the gravity to bring water level in earth in an extent to supply enough water to the roots.

There is no need to re-iterate the photosynthesis process. Neem tree is considered and accepted by many as a tree which emits the most number of negative ion-ed oxygen. This not only benefits the humans, it is the major factor in greening the earth. It drastically reduces environmental pollution in the nearby areas of tits plantation.  Toxic, radiation and chemical pollutions particularly can be tamed using neem as the main plantation.